Thursday, July 31, 2008

21 Days

Stairs after carpet was ripped off!
Miraculous find - An antique playing card!
ignore what used to be a living room and check out the ripped windows
close up of ripped out frame
Three weeks in, and our window frames throughout the entire house were ripped out...interesting little finds in those crevices.  Again, thanks to that non permit rebel contractor we had! Our place is a mess (so ignore if possible) and is in a constantly shifting state.  The stairs down to the basement which were formally covered with a fuzzy green (ew) carpet was ripped off and revealed really nice old wood underneath.  So nice, there was a playing card from 1904 stuck onto one of the steps still - 5 of spades I think.  Dusty old dirty stairs and some busted windows are added to the mix! Quite the adventure although, strangely enough it's great to come home and see what the new surprise is.  Hopefully the part is coming up where humpty dumpty is about to get put back together again...!  :)