Monday, July 27, 2009

Carissa Weekend: Hamptons&Manhattan!

This past weekend was Carissa's bachelorette/shower weekend so I (Jen) bopped up to my ol'stomping grounds - NYC!! I took the bus because the train prices are now ridiculous! ($110 each way!? yipes!) and ended up taking the BOLT bus up and the Megabus back down. It slipped my mind that I should have accounted for beach traffic and it took me quite a while to get up there. Once up though, it was absolutely fantastic! That night I met with Carissa/Matt for the beginning of what ended up defaulting (re:food) into Cariss/Jen favorites! We had 1/2 price sushi at our old place and spare ribs galore! Of course I also had to polish off Carissa's 1/4 eaten Miso soup. hehe!

Saturday we got up nice and early and met up with the other girls downtown (34th & 2nd) to catch our limo over to the Hamptons for a nice day of wine touring!
We arrived at the first winery-- Laurel Lakes-- where we had a private "Barrel & Wine Tasting" and afterwards had lunch under a pavillion. We then went over to Osprey Dominion winery, and ended with Vineyard 48, where there was a live...well, not band but guy playing music! It was great. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day!

That evening we had the limo drop us off back in the UWS (Dallas BBQ - another Carissa/Jen food moment!) where we got a second wind and went in for some good eats! Note this was post a McDonalds happy meal that we picked up on the way back into the city as well, so sadly (I was super disappointed in myself) I couldn't finish my ribs! Luckily, Matt loved them when we got back to the apartment! :)

Sunday morning we got up for Carissa's shower! It was a lazy morning after the festivities of Saturday, and we cabbed over to Amanda's on the UES for the festivities. It was an afternoon filled with amazing food, good drinks (thanks Amanda for introducing me to Lambrusca!), great trivia games, and a touching video which caused EVERYone to get emotional from MamaP! It was perfect, beautiful, classy = totally Carissa! Only about 2 months until the big day!!! Congrats my Cariss and thanks for having me be a part of your big day!!! (squish!)

(& note: Joe spent the weekend back in Bmore and dressed as a girl from the 80s movie Flashback...yah, check out Kimi's post for that one and some pretty fun pics from the hood event to raise money for Lymphoma/Leukemia!)