Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May-hem and Crabs, yum!

We had a fantastic weekend, showing Frank and Bunny around Charm City! For the first time since moving to Baltimore, we finally were able to check out Obrycki's - which is supposedly the best crab place in Baltimore (and one of the 1,000 places to see before you die!)! It went above and beyond. Crabby (meaty), fresh, delicious crabs, with old bay mixed with something else, but just absolutely amazing. I was told that it'd become an addiction, and that it has!!

After the weekend, there was a little housing situation that had to be taken care of with a neighbor...sadly, a beautifully renovated home, but the owners live in DC and due to some not so fun activity, we decided (with the OK from the owner of course) to board up the home. is quite a travesty because the home is GLORIOUS. Our back area needs some love, which hopefully will come with the grand scheme of alley gating. We did get some numbers up on the back shed which was exciting (our own little renovations still going on). Baby steps (smile). Grant and Joe spent the afternoon (luckily in the sun) working on this little boarding project. The home is secure now, and we will see what comes next. I am personally tempted to go ahead and knock down our fence and expand the back area for a little summer fiesta'ing! heehee. In regards to alley gating, we are in the process of getting signatures from our block and that behind us, and hopefully this little alley which is not so pretty now...will be an amazing green "lounging" area eventually!!