Monday, May 4, 2009

May Flowers!!

It's been a few months since posting - I know I'm really bad at this however, working on it...! The last few months have flown by, and I have found a new addiction...which also has taken up all my time, also explaining not posting..EVER! Jen has been officially sucked into knitting. ::scary organ music::
It's become a seriously addicting hobby esp in the cold months when no one wants to venture outside, and is also a "productive" excuse to watch tv (and accomplish projects!) I started at the Audobon Society Knitting/Learning event thanks to Callie - and got sucked in. Two scarves later, decided to attempt a big project for a special little baby who I hope it keeps super cozy up in Burlington!! I couldn't post until Kenzie got her gift, so now that she has, I can share!!! (smile).

Above: Views of cuddly blankey for Baby Sillick!!! My first ever project hoping to give the little one tons of love and cozy times! As the Navajo story goes, the blankey should let out angst from the knitting, and let in all the love to baby.

Other than that, Patterson Park Neighbors have been greening and beautifying the area - and this past weekend had our first house tour which was madly successful!!! Very exciting! It's been a wet last two days and I believe will continue all week but it's green and warming up and approaching summer! yay!!! We have also started a new committee in hopes of forming a food co-op in the area. Life is good in Patterson Park. find a good summer project. heehee!


Anonymous said...

Jen, you did such a FABULOUS job on the blanket! Thank you SOOO much! Im sure baby sillick will love it and I cant wait to tell him/her that his/her auntie jennibean made it! I love you!