Friday, December 5, 2008


So the house was completed, and then we realized the little itsy bitsy things had to be done, such as cleaning, de-dusting, and things you don't think about when you sign up for a rennovation! So, slowly, the boxes have been unpacked, and these next two weekends, we'll have the rest of the painting done (1st floor is onto the 2nd!)
We just got back from two weeks in Taiwan - which was fabulous! All of my family basically lives all over and so Joe and I were really lucky, and were able to see the entire island and do a lot of very authentic things (ie: Japanese style hot springs...)! Many many stories...! There are over 450 pictures so those are best left to be sent rather than posted! haha! We came home though to Thanksgiving and spent that in Baltimore for the first time as well which was lovely, as our friend Summer cooked a huge feast for all the "orphans" who chose to stay in the city! THANKS SUMMER! it was fabulous and I can't even go on about how ridiculous the food was!!!
It's been a quick fall (entering winter...brr) with the trip and festivities and house painting/cleaning/etc! Joe finished his first Marathon in October as well which was exciting because it was the Baltimore Marathon so we were home and he had our amazing friends around to cheer him on, and ran with a few of them as well! Thought after running that far, a picture was well deserved! Blogging is kinda fun every once in a while, so perhaps this little thing will keep going...heehee! As if another reason to procrastinate online is needed...

Baltimore Marathon 2008!!!