Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flies...the animal, not time...

So this week has been super filthy, and we realized what they meant when they said you'd even find dry wall under your sheets. ick. All the windows were done these last few days and thus we battled the flies that were let in and the dust...EVERYWHERE. It really makes a huge difference though so it's kind of exciting still. Externally we have our house repointed, a new shiney mailbox, and new beautiful wood windows! Hopefully there isn't too much rain because they aren't exactly sealed yet...but so far Baltimore weather is fantastic and we can stoop sit to get out!
Above: Left window is our old vinyl window, and the Right window is the new wood window
Joe outside with the new mailbox and new windows!!!
Awaiting countertops...Joe preparing a gourmet dinner of Cheerios with freshly picked raspberries!
(Actually, the raspberries actually are definitely gourmet for us...)


Amina said...

Cute avatar! :)

Jen said...

Thank you (actually, thanks SUMMER!) :)