Friday, August 29, 2008


Lots of work was done this week on waterproofing our little rowhouse! It seemed slow because the windows took so long to seal up and refinish for both exterior and interior sides.  Little things were done though even though it didn't seem so! We're almost at the one month to go mark...and hopefully we'll be right on time...!
Crown molding was put on top of our bedroom closet (didn't know that was going to happen!)
Here is the master artist/constructor, Mister Raydo, in the kitchen
Close up of the back splash
Under all the tools, is our granite countertop island and a double sink and our first dishwasher!
Got home to this, and although it doesn't seem like much, you can see the work being done on the windows and there is no dust!!! The room was completely cleaned out and it made an immense difference! We have a couch again!


Frank M said...

That is one mean bread slicer you have. It must the commercial grade model, and I see you have a new cook in the kitchen - move over Mighty Joe!