Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sweeping dustballs

This week has been a slow week of cleaning up a little bit, and a lot of rearranging.  The windows were scheduled to arrive as well as the dishwasher, stove, and microwave, so everything was pushed around in order to make room for the goodies.  There is only one open sweet $5 yellow chair from Hampden...which was put in the kitchen.  Joe and the dogs fight over it daily. amusing...hehe.  Little things have been done now such as the drywall up the stairs (no more bumpy moldings from our former unlicensed contractor), and the stairs to the basement received a few coats of stain.



frank said...

Looking good except for the guy in the yellow chair - he must be that itinerate, unlicensed contractor you mentioned. I hear they spend most of their day just sitting down on the job.

Summer said...

how did you get down to your hovel in the basement when they stained the stairs?

Jen and Joe said...

Yes, I believe he is a contractor of some type and they do all spend their days sitting down on the job (smile).
They stained it one layer at a time so that by the time we got back from hanging out with our awesome 'hood peeps (prob your house...hehe), it'd be dry for us to crawl back down to!