Friday, September 12, 2008


Hello September! HOW did the summer fly by so quickly! Busy busy busy and soooo fun, thus the delay in posting! :)

Rehab-wise, we are close to having a house again! We are nearly done with the upstairs bath, meaning we can ALMOST move back in to our room! (gasp)!! Here you can see the right & left sides of our new stand up shower (with body jets!), and then our sinks on the alternate wall.
(Above) Right View, (Below) Left View
We have our own sinks! FINALLY!
Set of windows in our bedroom, plastered, edged and newly repainted! They did such a great job with the edging, and it looks so clean and refreshing!!!

Totally random, but the back door leading to our garage/shed was a red handle-LESS (yes, we had to pull on a nail) old piece of wood basically..., and we now have a nice new door! The area above the door will be replaced with a piece of glass as well so it will look like a mini home.  Maybe this will keep the rats away...hehe!