Thursday, June 11, 2009

bubye to HMS!


In the last year or so now, Joe has been the lead on the HMS redevelopment. This horribly huge eyesore that sits right on our street adjacent to the small sector of Patterson Park. It was a horrible destructive building 4 years ago when we moved in - it was filled with kids still, who would leave school around 3:30-4pm, and jump on cars when running out of class, and throwing trash (yay to floating utz bags, thrown away quizzes, and hair weaves!) wow. Those were the days. (smile).
After the school shut down, there came a bit of quiet, however, the school began to fall apart, and the boarded up shut down building became a paradise for squatters and drug dealing. Go figure, leave a huge building empty and untouched - what do you expect! ahhh, this school was/is a menace in our poor little Northeast sector!

After months of signatures, and community meetings, and rallying (including a noted walk with Mayor Sheila Dixon to show her the treachery!), it was decided the community would have a say in the process. There was a meeting with one person from each sector surrounding the school, and each person was allowed a vote. Joe (co-Scott) represented Patterson Park, - and after many meetings, so on and so forth - we decided Focus Development (located IN the city) had the best interests and plans for our area. Our vote was casted - with the support of every other neighborhood but one, and we awaited.

Today Jim Kraft, our councilman, called Joe and informed him that success - Focus will be taking the school!!! It is a shining example of how hard work, and community activism, again, can work! It is a very happy day for our neighborhood, and those involved in getting this going. I can't wait to see what that eyesore (pictured above) will become. It will be documented that is for sure!!! For more official details, check out Kimi's blog (aka, information without Jen babblings!). Note: her blog also rocks for all the Patterson Park happenings as she is seriously on top of things, and ahem, knows how to upload photos....! haha!


kimiya rae aghevli said...

way to go, joe! so excited to see how it turns out, and you KNOW how much i <3 Focus ;-)
P.S. your pic is way cuter than my pic. hehe