Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Balance Baltimore Women's Classic 5K

This past Sunday morning (28 June 2009) the girls in the neighborhood woke up bright and early, around 6am to all sleepily head over to the Museum of Industry for the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K run hosted by New Balance. It is a run for women's health initiatives, so it was for a great cause, and all effort and organizing was done by Heather H.! Months ago she asked us all to participate and I personally did so dragging my feet HEAVILY but she did use her birthday brunch and celebrating as great lure. (smile). Heather even got the team "Patterson Pagoda Princesses" matching purple wick bands (so cute) so that we could all match up! Once we got there there were swarms of ladies - I believe the grand total ended up being about 1845 women who participated in the run/walk! It was fun and the vibe was amazing.

Being stubborn I told myself if I were to ever actually sign up for a 5K I would try and run/jog it the entire way, just because I was paying to do this! The energy really was great though (some of the running girls had been telling me this days ahead everytime I whined...which was a lot) and it really did make a difference! Okay you girls were right. At mile 2 marker however, I screamed in outrage (with an Fbomb) thinking we were JUST starting 2, and thought I was going to die already but somehow managed to keep moving (although slower and slower) and got a little push (in my head at least) at the finish line! All I can say is those cold towels at the end were a LIFESAVER and probably was the only thing that kept me from passing out or puking. I could have dunked my body into those icey tubs! I couldn't even bend over bc I was to pull off the tag on my shoe because I was hyperventilating so bad, and some random guy did so for me.

The end was horrible, that last mile felt like 3,000 miles but luckily I had familiar Patterson Park girls around me! High fives, and random "what/why!?!?" screams! After finishing, I wandered wobbly over to get food (which I continued eating all day as if I had run a full marathon...) wondering why I put myself through this! and then realized it had been for a great cause and it was really nice having all the girls together to support such an important cause! I can now finally say I have done a 5K as painful as it was and I finished in 31:03 for the first time! I am super happy that I jogged/ran the entirety, and although I am completely on the fence about ever doing one again, it was worth it!


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