Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Java Java and more Java

Sooooo, I am taking Java right now (the class), and I love it! It is COMPLETELY different from healthcare and medicine and I totally am loving that as well!! I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, being so different from EVERYthing I have done thus far, but it's great! And even more exciting when the program works! I have a midterm though tomorrow, and am taking a breather from cramming in reading (and in this case attempting to understand example programs) to just take a deep breath (and have thoughts of inhaling a case of Java - the drink!)! It is a bit frustrating, because I am not sure what to study and how I will do on this course. It's crazy just how completely different the lingo is and how things are set up! At least the logic behind it totally makes sense...I just can't believe it has already been 4 weeks and I am about to take a midterm...! (why I ask myself daily... did I sign up for my first engineering class over a summer session!?!?!) And now since it has been on my mind the last like 3 days (yay for procrastinating jen...), I figured I had to just spill it on a page! harhar! the icon is sooooo cute though and I really am loving it and get severely excited when an application runs! let's just hope now (fingers crossed) that I can figure things out and pass!!!


kimiya rae aghevli said...

You'll do great and ROCK the test and all your programmies will run smoothly in no time at all :)
PS the logo for Java IS adorable, i agree!!